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(An English Medium Sr.Sec.School)

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.
Affiliation no. – 530898

Contact - 9416528237
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Mandatory Public Disclosure

Senior Wing
The senior wing is all equipped with multifarious infrastructural & technological facilities to assist the senior students in achieving academic excellence. The whole setup is such as infuses into young learners a high magnitude enthusiasm & curiosity to attain new dimensions in the field of Science & Technology besides keeping them in touch with alimented roots of Indian culture and traditions.
Middle Wing
The Middle wing is a living centre of creativity. It facilitates the junior students from classes 6 to 8 in developing their mental and behavioral domains in a most conductive environment. Besides interactive smart faculty rooms and classrooms.
Primary Wing
The Primary Wing is innovatively designed to make education activity based. The kids Fanciful world is all equipped with the latest fun articles to entice small kids to come to school without mentally depression. Tiny tots are provided with numerous opportunities to take them away from dull world of books.
‘Good books man’s best friends’ so our endeavor is to inculcate the habit of reading in the growing children so that they learn to go beyond the curriculum. The school has a well established library which is an integral part of the school. It has wide variety of books and regularly updated C.B.S.E & N.C.E.R.T Publications as well.
Computer Lab
Computer education has made rapid strides and both the schools have impressive computer departments equipped with the best Pentium computers and computer peripherals. All students from class One upwards have computer education as an integral part of the curriculum. The department has a team of professionally qualified teaching staff, and is in the process of providing training to all its subject teachers to become computer literate, so as to introduce computer-aided learning in all subjects.
Science Lab
The School takes special pride in providing ultra modern labs in all subjects to supplement classroom teaching and authenticate learning through experimentation. It is always proactive to upgrade technology in its exceptional labs to keep pace with changing times