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(An English Medium Sr.Sec.School)

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.
Affiliation no. – 530898

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Our Campus
The Campus

As its heart, S.V International School has the pursuit of excellence in all that it does and its imposing infrastructure bears ample testimony to this Spacious, well-lit and ventilated classrooms allow enough scope for movement and space for different teaching techniques to be put into use. The broad corridors are extensions of classrooms, creating an appropriate learning atmosphere.

A vast campus, majestic school building, open space and green lawns – meticulously created play fields, play-park for younger children and indoor games areas, make for a world class learning infrastructure. Besides, the health centre , large auditorium, the dining and residential facilities make living at the campus quite comfortable.

Not Just Infrastructure, but a Disciplined Structure

Discipline is inculcated through everyday activities such as the morning assembly, adherence to common rules for all, uniforms and careful allocation of houses.

With it, there exists a thorough disaster management policy and regular drills.